The Girl I Can't Have

My ex-girlfriend and I started dating about three years ago. The first year and a half I did not get along with her sister due to lies my ex had told both of us. My girl and I moved to Georgia in August of 2004, and in February 2005, her sister came to visit us for a week. We avoided each other at the beginning, but then started talking at the end of the week. That is when we found out that a lot of the things my girl told us were lies. She started visiting about once a month, and I begin to think she was a very nice girl. I introduced my brother to her because he had just moved near us. He has a son, and I thought they would make a great couple. They did get together and dated for about three months. She was in love with my brother and began this chase and moved to Georgia herself in August with her two kids. At this time, I was living with my brother because her sister and I had split. She would come over to try to get back with my brother, but he was ignoring her. We began to spend a lot of time together. We spent a lot of time together discussing my brother and her sister. I eventually moved back into the house with her and her sister because I was still helping my ex out with the house because she had the kids there and she did know anyone in Georgia. But I didn't want to pay bills in two places, so we all decided to live together. The first night I was there, we all were drinking and partying. My ex went upstairs to go to bed. Her sister and I continued to drink and dance around the living room. She started dancing on me and touching me. I told her to stop or it was going to be on. She continued, and we begin to kiss. She stopped me, but we continued to try to be alone and had sex on a couple of other occasions. We stopped because we knew we couldn't be together although we are extremely compatible. She has a boyfriend, and I have a girlfriend, but we still have this bond and constantly flirt. She used to say I hate I am not gay and I wish you had not been with my sister. Now she says the only thing holding her back is the fact that she knows us being together would hurt her sister. I have a girlfriend and I love her, but I am totally in love with my ex-girlfriends sister, who is not gay, but says she is in love with me, too.

— Jackie, 28

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