Brought Back To Life

I have known him since the eighth grade. I had a chance in the twelfth grade but turned him down. We would see each other out in our area and flirt. At my thirtieth birthday party, I was married and he engaged. My best friend took me to see him. We kissed and petted and figured that it wasn't right. Since then, he became a millionaire. As for me, I have divorced and remarried again. I'm doing just as well. He is still with the same girl and not married. We both have boys. We often hear from a lot of people we should be together. We have met many times for cocktails and flirting, but that was it until last week. Finally, we flirted big time, went to a place he had just bought, and went for it. It was oh, so good. A long time in the waiting zone brought to life.

— Heidi, 33

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