Soccer Is Sexier Than Baseball

My husband plays slo-pitch baseball once a week with some guy friends. Sometimes I take our son along to watch, but on the neighboring field, some younger guys play soccer. One night, my friend, Jill, introduced me to one of the guys, Bradley, and sparks flew. For the next few weeks, I found myself looking away from the baseball diamond to the soccer field to watch Bradley play. He's tall, chiseled and athletic, and not to mention the best player on his team. I was soon fantasizing about him. One night, he came right up to me while my husband was playing baseball and gave me his card. I tried to fight the urge, but I couldn't. A few days later, I went over to his house and we had mind-blowing sex for hours. I've never moaned so loud in my life. Bradley is a sexual athlete built for pleasure. He had me in ecstasy over and over again, and I was actually sore for a few days afterwards. I felt kind of guilty for a while, but after a few more marathon sex sessions, I got over it. My husband is short and overweight, and Bradley is the complete opposite. I can't help it.

— Beth, 33

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