An Unforgettable Summer

My family went on a cruise for spring break. While we were there, my sister and I met these really hot guys. We started hanging out with them every night. We just walked around because there was nothing for us to do. We had a lot of fun. On the last night, we really didn't want to say goodbye. Ironically, we were on the same flight that stopped to meet our separate connecting flights. Halfway through the trip, Rob walked down the aisle and whispered for me to meet him in the bathroom. So, a few minutes later, I followed him back there. We ended up having sex two times. That summer, my sister, our best friend and I decided to take a road trip to visit the guys we had met. When we got there, we ended up staying with them and had a five-some. That was one unforgettable summer! They have already booked a trip to come and visit us in two weeks!

— Deidre, 19

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