A Real Handy Man

I love the taste of … well, you know if your gay or whatever. I went to the local male peep show and porn store and let twenty-seven males, in the span of seventy-two minutes or so, ejaculate in a large insulated cup for me. Yes, I let them squeeze and lick my balls. I even talked dirty. I said to a guy named Amos, "I want you to put that whole thing in me. I want to feel those large thick veins as you enter me. Make me hurt, make you feel good." Amos had the largest manhood that I had ever seen. I mean it was Long and very thick, bigger than ... well, If you've been reading my confessions, you know what I mean. I then proceeded to give the young and old home business cards. Once I drained all the willing of their cloudy love juice, I went home to my hot anally-obsessed wife. She wanted me to locate a funnel. She insisted I use the oil funnel in the garage. I got it not knowing what she wanted. She basically ordered me to have anal sex with her in the living room. She wanted me put the funnel in her rectum and pour close to half of the semen I gathered into her anal cavity. I was like, "What?" but I was so turned on as well. I was like a puppy dog waiting for my next order. I did it! Then, I watched the semen slowly work its way down like a clogged drain. "Now what?" I asked. She said, "Don't just stand there, throw it in my bum and top me off with your special sauce." It sounded sick and kind of fun, but all I wanted to do was ... you know. I did it, and she was basically overflowing. She then ordered me to lay down and open my willing mouth. She stressed willing mouth. She then squeezed what seemed like an estuary of salty and sweet flavored spunk. She got up and then finished the remaining four ounces of cum, fast.

— Martin, 44

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