Friendly Sleepover

I'm back in college and some of my classmates are always asking if I'll marry them. At first, I thought it was a joke; but then, our professor paired us up for a group project. I got to my partner's house and her mom (yes, she still lives with her mom like most sexy girls) said she was in her room already at work on the project. I went up there, knocked, and she said come in. I went into her room and she turned around and started to say, "Mom, how does this look…." Then, she saw me standing there. She was completely naked and I just said, "It looks great." I liked her and all and she had these giant breasts and a great body. Before I knew it, she had my pants down and was giving me a fifteen minute blow job. We were then on the bed and I let my fat dick slide into that wet, tight pussy of hers. It was a blast, but I know her friend wants me and I kind of like them both. When I got the chance, I let it slide into her friend too and now they both want more daily. I've done it so often; I probably could have fifty kids by now! I still don't want a kid, but I just can't stop. I want more just like them!

— Scott, 28

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