Married, But Not To Each Other

My boyfriend and I like to play fantasy games. One of our favorite is naughty schoolgirl. I dress up in knee socks, a very short pleated skirt, and a white dress shirt left open to expose my boobs. I never wear any panties. He is the principal and I've been called to his office because I was caught giving the janitor oral sex. He asks me about it and I tell him how I unzipped his pants and got out his big, thick cock. Then, I played with my tongue on the tip of it until he was hard. I was enjoying deep throating him when someone caught us. He asks me what I would have done if we hadn't been interrupted. I tell him I will show him and walk over to him. I help him get his pants to his ankles, then I straddle him, making sure his hard cock goes deep inside my pussy. I begin riding him until we both cum. Then, he tells me I've been very, very bad and he will see me everyday until I improve. I ask him what kind of punishment he will give me. He responds by pushing me down on his couch and pushing his cock into me again. He tells me that he gets hard fast around bad girls. Then he fucks me hard and fast, his balls slapping against me. I have several orgasms before he finally fills me up with his warm cum. Once we are done and clean ourselves up, I tell him I will see him for our next session.

— Candy, 24

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