A Real Prankster

Sometime back, my wife Jessica and I were very much in love, and we still are. We did have one rule; no intentional cheating. The intentional part being if it is engineered by her or me and we deliberately take the opportunity to screw around. In that case, we would call our lawyers. If, on the other hand, chance should happen; we can have fun and enjoy; simple as that. Well, on Jessica's birthday, we went to her best friend's house for dinner and to celebrate another year for Jess. We ate, drank some wine with dinner, and watched TV together. Then, we started to play some poker. Pretty soon, Jess and Karen ran out of matchsticks, so Jess said, "We're playing for clothes, winner take all!" Everyone agreed; we men thinking it would end when the time came for a blouse to be removed. First the shoes and socks/stockings came off; no worry. Then Karen lost a hand, so she stood up and removed a belt. Next, Jess lost a hand and when she stood, she discovered she wasn't wearing a belt. So, she looked at me and took her blouse off, exposing her lacey bra, flat tummy, and full breasts with swollen nipples. We continued playing and we guys lost our shirts, undershirts, and belts. Karen lost a blouse. I wondered how much further this would go on. Then Jess lost a hand. She stood and looked at me again, I nodded, and she took off her bra, exposing her bare breasts in front of Walt and me. "How far is this going?" I thought. Next hand, Jess lost her slacks and just a pair panties remained. For a little while, we continued to lose articles of clothing until the girls were sitting there in panties only, and us guys in our shorts only. This hand Jess said that the winner takes all and decides any further actions. By the way, Walt and I were both erect and looking at our women who had hard nipples and looked very sexy. When the hand was played, I won. Looking at Jessica and Karen, they were both turned on and Walt was definitely aroused, as was I. So I said, "Here it is, Karen you go with me and Jess you go with Walt. We'll each make out for twenty minutes in the other room." Jess looked at me, smiled, and led Walt by the hand to the family room. I led Karen to the living room. We made out; I touched her breasts, sucked them, and played with her pussy. She sucked on my nipples and played with me. We were really getting going when we heard Jess call for all to meet in the dining room. We did. I paired off with Jess and we started to make out. I saw a hicky on her right breast, which aroused my even more. Laying her back, I mounted her. I noticed how wet she was and I looked her in the eye. She just said, "What did you think was going to happen, giving me twenty minutes alone with a man who is hard? I just couldn't get stopped, and he was good but very fast." I looked at her and said, "That was a free one." She was relieved. I went back to Karen and we finished what we had started in the other room. Walt and Jessica made out a little, and then we left for home. We didn't repeat it, but I have thought about it a lot. I haven't even tried for a repeat. Strange, but one day, who knows.

— Carl, 49

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