Caring For More Than The Kids

I have a very dear girlfriend. She recently had to travel out of town to help take care of a parent who was very ill. I volunteered to help look after her two kids for a few days and cook some meals for her husband, who was pretty helpless in the kitchen. One evening after I tucked her kids into bed, her husband and I were chatting. At one point he indicated that he and his wife didn't do much in the bedroom since their second child was born. He said he was pretty neglected in that regard. Well, I have to say, since my divorce I had been feeling pretty neglected also. I decided that if I was going to help with the kids and the meal preparation, I could help out in other ways, too. It wasn't long before I was in my girlfriend's bed with her husband. We did that every night while she was gone. After her return, she once again took over the duties of childcare and cooking. But, I still happily handle the bedroom duties.

— Patty, 25

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