Disappearing Frustrations

After twelve years of marriage, I got divorced. Very quickly I found that I was spending most of my weekends home alone, with nobody to talk with and feeling more and more sexually frustrated. Oh, don't get me wrong. I got asked out, but usually it was a guy who was married and just looking for a little fun on the side. I had always declined requests from married guys to go out. However, one day Luke, who is guy I know pretty well, told me his wife was going to be out of town. He invited me to have dinner with him. My first inclination was to tell him I didn't go out with married men. But for some reason, I agreed to have dinner with him. I think I figured it would be an opportunity to have some companionship, and I decided there wouldn't be anything sexual. So, that Saturday evening, Luke took me out to a wonderful dinner. It was a restaurant I had always enjoyed, but I had not been there since my divorce. After dinner, we went to a show, and I let him put his arm around me. After the show, we got into his car. When Luke leaned over to kiss me, I surprised myself by returning his kiss. I felt a little guilty doing this with a married man, but I was really enjoying the physical pleasures sweeping over my body. Luke kept kissing and stroking me, and I was soon in an extreme state of lust. When Luke told me he was taking me back to his place, I readily agreed. As soon as we were inside his home, our bodies were once again pressed together. I did ask Luke when his wife was returning. He told me it wouldn't be for a couple of days. At that point, I kissed Luke and felt him with my hand. I told him I wanted to make him very happy that night. He smiled, took my hand, and led me to his bedroom. We quickly undressed and crawled under the sheets of his bed. I was ecstatic as I felt his naked body against mine. I was already very aroused, but Luke took things nice and slow, driving me absolutely crazy with desire. He ran his fingers through my hair and gently kissed my entire body. He told me he had been dreaming about being in bed with me for over two years. I told him I wanted this to be just the first of many times. As he kissed me, we finally united as one. Pretty soon, I was shaking and quivering as waves of warmth swept over my body. They subsided, and then more waves of warmth. I had absolutely never experienced such intensity with my husband in all of our years of marriage. Of course, we spent the rest of the night and the next day having frequent and passionate sex. I quickly forgot about his marital status since I was enjoying myself so much in bed. The truth is, after that weekend I continued to see my new lover as frequently as possible. However, I started dating other men also. And if they needed to be discrete, then my home was always available. Instead of spending my time being lonely, I was soon enjoying nice evenings out and even some great trips. Of course, my feelings of physical frustration also disappeared.

— Lara, 35

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