Pinned By Parents

I recently found out I was bisexual. It turns out my best friend, who is also bisexual, had a thing for me. We hooked up and had been going out for a while. Well, she lived with her parents. I was staying the night to help her out. Well, we were sexually frustrated one night. Her parents were in the living room, so we decided to go to her bedroom to "listen to music". I hadn't seen her in a while. We walked into the room, and I shut the door. As soon as I knew the door was shut, I turned around and pinned her against the door. It was great. We moved to the bed where she pinned me down. Well, in walks her mom. She was all shocked and crap. We played it off like we were wrestling and got away with it. Thank God! It was funny. You should have seen her face. I'll never forget it.

— Shequana, 19

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