Doctor Knows Best

I was twenty-three years old when I went to the chiropractor for a bad back. One day, he suggested I should have a full body massage. He told me to schedule the appointment for a Friday at the end of the day. This way he could take his time. When I got there, he sent the staff home. I was the only one there. He told me to go into the room and get undressed. He gave me a towel to cover myself. I was lying on the table, and I realized the towel was not big enough to adequately cover me. But I figured he's a doctor, and he has seen bodies before. He came in and started massaging me, starting with my feet. To my surprise, he spread my legs open and started rubbing my inner thighs. It felt great, and I was starting to get horny. He then said that if I was uncomfortable with the way he touched me I should let him know. I told him it felt great. The towel kept shifting, and I finally realized that I was fully exposed from the waste down. I said the hell with it and removed the towel. He then put me in a variety of positions as he massaged me. At one point, he had me face down bent over the table with my arms extended and my legs apart. I thought he was going to do me right there, but he just kept massaging me. Needless to say, it was great. I went back several more times, and each time it was great.

— Alexis, 25

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