Like Nothing Happened

When I was about nineteen, I was babysitting at the house down the block. I had put the children to bed and was watching TV. The woman I was babysitting for lived in a two-family house. Her nephew was living downstairs. He was eighteen or nineteen. He had some friends over, and I heard them carrying on downstairs. I heard them coming up the stairs, and then the door opened. The nephew used to come up from time to time to get something to eat, so I was not surprised. However, this time he came up with his friends. There were five of them. They came into the room with just towels on around their waists. Then they dropped the towels and stood there naked. I had some sex experience but never anything like this. I was a little frightened but also a little curious. The nephew (Ray) came over to me first. I gave him oral in front of the other four guys. When I was done, I saw the other guys all had erections. It made me hot. Ray then took my shirt and pants off. I blew the remaining four guys one by one. When I was done, I removed my panties and bra. The guys started touching me all over. Then one of them laid me down on the kitchen floor and started having hard sex with me. Eventually, all five had sex with me. It was great, but I did have a lot of guilt for a while. The next day, I saw all of them at school. They acted like nothing had happened.

— Renee, 44

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