Not So Goody-Goody

I'm the kind of girl who has always been labeled as a goody-goody, and one who would never do anything out of the ordinary. Yet, I have always had this other side which, from time to time, I surrender to. Well, on this particular occasion, my husband and I had met some international cops who were in the city to compete with cops from around the world. I was immediately attracted to one of the two in particular. He spoke broken English, but his accent and body were too sexy for words. As we waited for my husband to return to our car, the conversation turned sexual. We were in the back seat together, and the other guy was in the front seat. We were parked across from the police station when I grabbed him and teased him with my mouth. His friend turned to watch us once as I moaned. Then he just shook his head and smiled. It was just a teaser, but we managed to finish it all before my husband returned to the car.

— Peggy, 25

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