The Next Step

My wife and I had always talked about having a threesome with some lucky guy, but she was always a little bit apprehensive. So, one night a friend of ours came over with his wife, and we started to watch a few porn films. Well, everyone was making comments about different scenes, and things were getting kind of hot. My wife went into the kitchen to refresh some drinks, and my buddy excused himself to go to the bathroom. Little did I know he went to the kitchen and had put his hands up my wife's shirt from behind and was fondling her. She pressed back against him and was massaging him through his pants. She told him to come back the next day and she would take care of him. Needless to say, he did, and she kept her promise. She told me all about it when I came home from work to find her naked on the bed. She says the next step is our threesome.

— Jay, 31

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