Science Teacher

Once, when I was a freshman in college, I hot a really hot science teacher. I had always been attracted to her because she was a bomb-shell. She was married, about thirty, and I had heard that her marriage was failing. I always spent more time checking her out than I spent paying attention. One day, she told me to come to her class after school to talk about my grades and my performance in class that day. I knew I had done bad because I had been looking at her in her mini-skirt and tight shirt the whole day. When I got there, she was sitting on the desk waiting. When I got there, she asked me why I was in this class if I was failing. That's when I confessed I was attracted to her. She sat there for a minute and then told me she felt the same. She then reached down and grabbed my package with one hand while the other pulled me closer. When I was next to her she whispered, "Take me right here, right now." The next thing I remember is having sex for the next five hours. We kept that up every day until she got divorced. We're now married and are still going hot.

— Larsen, 35

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