Inspecting More Than Houses

Working as a housing inspector, I visit tenants almost every day answering complaints, giving advice, etc. I am twenty-two years of age and have come up against a few lonely women in my job who make it plain they want some fruity action. One day, I had to call on a particular house. When I was invited in, I discovered that she was entertaining a few of her female neighbors. She told me to have a seat and then offered me a drink to toast her daughter's engagement. I knew most of the women there having visited them at some time. Anyway, after an hour and another drink, I rose to go when I was pulled back by one woman who insisted I have another drink. I declined and said I needed to leave. There were six women in the room and all were a bit tipsy, to say the least. They started to make sexual remarks. When I made to leave again, two of the women came around the back of the sofa I was on and held me back while the other women grabbed my legs. They then carried me through to the bedroom and laid me on the bed. My jacket and shirt were removed, and my hands tied to the bed board. One of them then lay across me and started to kiss me quite passionately. This went on for a few minutes with the other women egging her on. While this was going on, I suddenly felt hands undoing the front of my trousers. Then they were pulled down along with my fronts. I couldn't see who was doing this as the other female was still kissing me. Hands were groping me. I heard them urging someone to have sex with me, and it wasn't long before someone started to. I was blindfolded by this time, so I could not see who she was. My blindfold had slipped a little, so I was able to see she was one of the older women in her fifties and I knew where she stayed. When it was over, I was left to dress myself and then slipped out of the house. A few days later, I visited the woman who had sex with me and told her I knew it was her and that I had a photograph of her on top of me. I mentioned that I would show her husband the photo unless she repaid me with oral then full sex. She agreed, and I had sex with her for a couple of hours. Needless to say, I visit her several times a week with the photograph in my pocket as she is still frightened her husband will see it.

— Trevor, 22

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