Three's No Crowd

My wife invited her single, twenty-seven-year-old coworker to a late dinner with us. We dined and then retreated to our large patio to finish our wine. Our talk led to sexual confessions and fantasies. We each confessed that we had never but always wanted to have a threesome. I shyly asked if they thought tonight would be a good time to see if they would like to try a threesome with me. My wife said she was shocked that I asked that question in front of her friend. I apologized. After several minutes, my wife's friend asked my wife what she thought about my suggestion. She said that if we were willing, she just might be also. Since it was our first time, we sheepishly undressed each other. The night was cool. We took our time, each of us kissing and touching each other. We were all very excited and began having sex. After that, we enjoyed the night together in the nude. Later, we slept in bed together, no sex, just holding each other. Our new friend has come over for these special nights now three more times.

— Ryan, 28

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