Still Reminisce The Moments

Since knowing this site and trusting it, I'm starting to reveal more of my stories that I held in private for so many years. There was once a girl I know named Marie. I miss her so much still. We met at a department store where she worked on one of my Christmas shopping trips. We exchanged our phone numbers, and a month later we got together. While talking, we both told each other that we liked each other and then what. Because we're both committed to other people, we were contemplating doing something that would be not too family-like. But we did anyways. We started out making out in my car for a few hours. Then the next time, we met again to spend time together eating out and going back to my place. Since it was late already and she needed to go home, she offered to give me oral as a go-home gesture. I was shocked, but my heart was racing for this to happen. With that, she went down on me, and I couldn't hold back any longer, and I begged for the whole deal. I raised her up and pulled her clothes off. I felt her body, up and down, and did oral on her, too. It was so good that she couldn't take it anymore and begged me to make love to her. I worked my way up to her, and I knew this evening was about us falling in love. We have met many more times afterwards until one day we goofed up and we got caught. Unfortunately, I lost my love, but to this day I still reminisce the moments in my mind.

— Drew, 35

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