I Feel So Comfy

I have been wearing panties since I was eight years old. I steal panties whenever I get the chance. I only like satin and silk-feeling ones. I wear lingerie under my clothes a lot, too. I really enjoy wearing tie-side swimsuits. I own about a dozen swim suits. I love them so much, I even steal my step-daughter's panties. I stole her string bikini swim suit from her. Every time I wear it, I think of her in it. My wife knows I wear panties and lingerie. Whenever we have sex, I wear sexy lingerie. She loves it as she knows it turns me on so much. I shop online for panties and tie-side bikinis. I own about fifty pairs of panties. I had to use my second dresser drawer because I didn't have enough room in my top one for all my panties and lingerie. I'm not gay. I just love women's clothing. It makes me feel comfy, so I like it and the feel of satin on me. I probably masturbate more than I have sex to. I walk around my house in lingerie when no one is home or I lay in the sun in a bikini to get a tan. I'm just so hot and get horny when I'm in lingerie.

— Danny, 41

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