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A friend of my girlfriend returned after three years at university overseas and visited us. After he had left, she confessed to me that they had been intimate before and that she still had many erotic memories from that time. He had asked her whether he could have sex with her one more time before he went back. She said she had said no because we were together now. I asked her whether she still wanted to, though, and she said she had thought about it but could only go ahead if I had no objections. I thought about it and felt it would be better for her to get it out of her system. So, I said I would not mind. She fixed up a date with him at my place, and I went out to give them some privacy. I came back about two hours later and let myself into the apartment. I was at the bedroom door when I realized they were not finished. I could not tear my eyes away, it looked so exciting. Suddenly, my girlfriend looked up and saw me watching. I will never forget the look on her face. She was so turned on and hot that she could not stop. I moved back into the living room and went to the guest bedroom to let them finish while I finished myself.

— Karl, 25

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