Seven Men And My Wife

My wife called me to pick her up from her my friend's place as she was too drunk. When I reached there, her friend told me that she was resting in a room upstairs. I went up. As I opened the door, I thought I went into the wrong room because I saw a group of semi-naked guys crowding around a woman. As I took a closer look, it was my wife. She was naked on the floor, and this group of four guys was doing her. She seemed to be enjoying every part of it. I just stood back and watched. I was enjoying every moment of it. Seeing her just turned me on. Minutes later, another three guys came in, saw what was happening, and asked one of the other guys if they could join in. I answered, "Please, by all means," and I continued to watch. I will never forget seeing my wife with this group of seven men who she didn't even know.

— Clyde, 38

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