Crushed But Curious

I was reading some confessions, and one in particular hit close to home. A couple of years ago, I was married to an attractive blonde named Jessica. I know I overachieved when I married her. Despite the fact I sometimes feared she would step out on me, after our son was born, I assumed we would settle into a normal family life. The problem was, Jessica was very flirtatious, and I knew many men wanted her. I've always been pretty chubby, so that summer she convinced me to join a rec-league soccer team in order to lose some weight. I never liked soccer and wasn't very good at it, but she insisted I do it. On my team there was this younger guy named Cal. He was a former professional player and was a player off the field, too. Right away, I noticed him and Jessica subtly flirting with each other. Then I saw him blatantly hitting on her. I was concerned but felt helpless. To make things worse, he was fairly arrogant and condescending towards me. One night, Jessica never came home and my suspicions intensified. A few weeks later, I became convinced she was cheating with him when Cal offered me two tickets to a baseball game he got from work and told me to take my son. The day of the game, I left my house with my son, leading Jessica to believe we were going to the game together. Instead, I had enlisted my older nephew to go. I dropped our son off with him, waited a while, and drove back home. My heart sank when I saw Cal's jeep parked down the street. I also parked further away and walked towards my house. I was angry and scared, but strangely curious as well. I walked around the back and opened the sliding door I had left unlocked. As soon as I poked my head inside, I heard Jessica. She was moaning very loud, and any doubts it was Cal were erased when she began screaming his name. My stomach was in knots and my legs were weak, but I crept inside and crawled along the floor following their sounds. On the other side of the kitchen, I had a clear view into the living room, and that's where they were on the sofa. I was devastated, yet turned on, as I watched them go at it with their slim, chiseled bodies satisfying each other at a frantic pace. When they changed positions, I caught a glimpse of how large Cal was. I was a cuckold, and a small part of me was excited. As they made love, she yelled at him to pull her hair. I couldn't believe it! She had never been this animated with me. I was crushed, but I couldn't look away. They were both moaning and groaning, and I was surprised at how loud they were because they easily could have been heard from outside. They finished with what looked like a thunderous orgasm, and both collapsed on each other. I suddenly felt sick and quietly scurried out. I battled with it for a few days, but I finally confronted Jessica. She denied it at first, but then admitted it. She filed for divorce not long after that. We now share joint custody of our son. She's not involved with Cal anymore but instead with a young black guy.

— Nick, 39

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