My Wife Exposed

My wife's sister, her husband and their kids came to visit and stay a few days with us. One morning, I was sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. My bro-in-law was sitting there also. His youngest child was sitting in a high chair at the table. My wife was fixing breakfast for us and taking care of the baby. My wife had on a big terri cloth robe but, after a while, she said the kitchen was getting hot and she took it off and tied it around her waist. This did two things. First, because she had on a silk button up night shirt that was cut very low, it allowed both me and my bro-in-law to see right down her top every time she bent over the baby or the table. Second, when she tied the robe around her waist, it pulled apart the lower part of the night shirt exposing her panties. So, for around fifteen minutes, my wife walked around us with her body on display. I pretended to focus on the newspaper, but my bro-in-law was pretty shameless in just staring at my wife's goods. It was crazy because she was totally exposed, and I swear I don't think she knew it. I don't know why it turned me on so much, but it did.

— Thomas, 28

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