Echoing Off The Walls

For the past half of the year, we really never had true privacy for us to make love. Amanda and I are both married, and we both have kids. But, we've been in love for over four years now and the feelings are ever stronger. Somehow, we manage to hook up for sex quite regularly. But lately, her parents have been in town, and we either have to go weeks without sex or meet up in the backseat of her SUV. Every time we meet, we always talk about how nice it will be to go fully naked and have the wildest sex possible in a bed. So, one day, we had a break where nobody was home at her house. The parents took a day trip out, and we took advantage of her bed while everybody was gone. The clothes started to shed at the bedroom door. I couldn't even make it to the bed while she went oral on me. I went oral on her next. When it came time for sex, I thought I was going to finish quickly. But, I held out, passionately kissing her and slowing down. The excitement was overwhelming. I love her petite body, too. Her pleasure can be heard loudly, echoing off the corners of the bedroom walls. She climaxed four, five, six times before I simply couldn't hold it any longer as I saw that look on her face of deliria and complete exhaustion. When it was over, we both smiled for the whole day after letting out all that pent up frustration of not having a bed for sex for so, so long.

— Nathan, 30

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