Save The Last Dance For Him

My wife is forty but looks younger. One night, we were out with friends in town. My wife got me up to dance and, while we were dancing, she flirted outrageously with a young guy standing at the side. She stuck her bum into him. He grabbed it, placed his hands round her waist, and began gyrating. She told me he had danced with her earlier and had fancied her. This turned her on as he was so young and I was watching. We agreed that she should give him his dance. So, I walked away to the toilet whilst they danced. I got back in time for her to be giving him his goodnight kiss. This turned me on incredibly. I found out later it did my wife as well. I would like this to go further next time, but I'm not sure how. It resulted in our best sex ever later that night.

— Dalton, 40

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