New Neighbors

I just built a new house in Florida on a dead end street. My next door neighbor and her husband came over to introduce themselves, bringing a bottle of wine. Ted and Linda were in their early fifties and both were very athletic looking. We opened the wine and started talking about the neighborhood. Linda said that no one came down the street, and that they had the place to themselves until I built next door. Both of our houses back up to the forest and are very private. Ted offered that they have a exercise area set up in their backyard with a hot tub, and I was welcome to use it if I didn't mind that they were nudists. Looking them over I said, "No problem," as they looked pretty sexy. A few days later, I was in the yard planting some bushes when they called to me to come over. I said after I take a shower, and Linda said she would spray me off if I took off my clothes. I pulled off my shirt, and she said, "Drop your pants." I was a little embarrassed as Ted looked like he was about eight inches, and mine was about six inches. Plus, he had a better build than me. Linda said, "Let me soap you up," and told Ted to man the hose. She started to soap my chest and worked down to my privates. Then Ted said, "Turn around and bend over so I can get the soap off your butt." I spread my cheeks so he could get a good look at me. Then Linda brought the towel over and started wiping me. Now, I was like a rock thinking what could possibly be happening to me. As she took the towel away, she asked if I would mind if she gave me oral as her husband watched. Naturally, I didn't care who was watching at the moment. When I finished, Ted went in the house to get some beers, and Linda asked me then if I would like to do Ted. "I have never done a man," I told her, "but I could try it." What a great experience and what wonderful neighbors.

— Marcus, 58

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