Dating My Daughter's Friend

I am divorced and have a daughter who is a graduate student. She attends school about a hundred and fifty miles away from me. A few months ago, I decided to take a weekend to visit her and to see her new apartment. She shares a place with another young woman who is in her mid-twenties. When I arrived, my daughter immediately introduced me to Samantha, her apartment-mate. Samantha is beautiful and has a smile that lights up an entire room. I had a great weekend. There was a lot of good conversation with both my daughter and Samantha. I also took them to dinner on Saturday evening. After I left, I didn't think much more about it. But when I arrived home, I found an email from Samantha thanking me for the visit. Well, that started an exchange of emails between Samantha and me. Over time, they began to get somewhat suggestive. Shortly thereafter, we were also having telephone conversations three or four times a week. When I told Samantha that I would like to see her again, she suggested I come for a visit without telling my daughter about it. So, I did exactly that. We met in a town about twenty miles from her school. I was nervous. I asked her why she was willing to date someone who was old enough to be her father. She smiled and told me she enjoyed my company and thought we should have a little fun together. With that, she gave me the most erotic kiss I have ever had. After that, we went to a nearby motel where we spent the rest of the weekend. The sex was great. It was far better than anything I ever had with my wife. On Sunday evening, I reluctantly drove home. Samantha and I continue to see each other. My daughter doesn't know that I'm having relations with her apartment-mate. However, Samantha and I have discussed the possibility of marriage. So, my daughter may be in for a big surprise.

— Ricardo, 50

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