Glad I Caught Him

Recently, I took a trip out of town to see a longtime friend of mine who had recently gone through a divorce. He had just settled into his new place, and I wanted to see him and help him out in any way that I could. The only problem was that he was to be away the day I was to arrive. He was flying in later that night from Vegas, so he sent me a key in the mail so I could get in. Well, I had a fight with my wife and decided to leave a day early. Thinking he was away, I let myself into his apartment only to find him in bed with another man. Apparently, he was not going to be in Vegas that weekend but out with his new lover that evening. Anyway, after much embarrassment on his part, I decided to ease his mind after his friend left, and I explained to him that I, too, had been with men several times. It felt good to finally tell someone. The two of us never had sex, but we have been closer than ever since that day.

— Lance, 34

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