Extremely Close Friends

We have known this couple for quite a while, and we often spend weekends on their yacht. They're both free spirited and often strip down in front of us and swim in the nude. One evening, after several rum drinks, they invited us to sleep with them because the front birth was wet from a rain the night before. A window was left open. We all piled into the master suite, and in the dark, took our clothes off. The four of us were very close together on the master full bed. Being uncomfortable with the situation, sleep was the last thing on my mind. After several minutes, our friend's wife started cooing. She was on her side facing us with him behind her. Her breathing became heavy as they had sex. All of a sudden, I saw my friend's wife start to rub my wife, stroking her hair and face, and then I saw my friend's wife's hand move down to my wife's crotch. She then reached across my wife and began to rub me. She then started kissing my wife. My wife turned toward her, and as I moved myself inside of my wife, the two women kissed passionately. After it was over, we went to sleep. Nothing was ever said in the morning, and we have not done that since.

— Graham, 36

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