Natural, Carnal Desire

It's merely natural, carnal desire, comparable to a taste for good food or wine. My wife likes men, and I learned to accept it. After all, I'm one of them. I wouldn't like to see her coming on to another man, though. When she likes someone close to us, I play his role in our bed. She really enjoys it. She just closes her eyes and lets her imagination fly. Her desire for other men makes me extremely excited. We both have better sex when I play the role of a man she likes. I have never satisfied her pretending being a black man, though. When she looks at herself in the mirror, she thinks she's the perfect match for the man of her sexual dreams, a Brazilian man who coaches our daughter's soccer team. His ripped, dark body contrasting against her fleshy pale skin makes her hot as hell. Her expectations for him are so high, I have always fallen short.

— Trent, 42

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