Hot Sexual Tension

I'll keep this short and sweet. When I was about twenty-eight years old, my very hot, female friend from high school stopped by my place one night for a late night dinner. She had just dumped her husband and needed a shoulder to cry on. After a few sips of fine wine, we started talking about why she and her now ex had split. The problem was in the bedroom. He just couldn't satisfy her. The chat continued for some time, and the sexual tension was growing by the minute. The subject of sex kept coming up! This was strange since we had always been just friends. But with each sip of wine, that detail seemed less and less important. Three bottles of wine later and it was time to call it a night. It was late, and driving was not an option. So, I offered my bed to her and said I would take the couch. She accepted and asked if she could use a pair of my boxers and a tee shirt to sleep in. Of course, I accommodated. The tension was still in the air when she came out dressed in my stuff. I could hardly keep my eyes off of her. She gave me a sweet peck on the lips and bid me goodnight. Just as I hit he couch, a thunder storm struck, and we lost power. She was startled by the crash of the thunder and asked if I would lay with her until the storm passed. Needless to say, I was there in a second. I started to rub her back, and she moved closer to me, pushing herself very tight into my very excited self. That was all we could stand. She rolled over and pushed me flat onto the bed and straddled me. We had the most amazing sex ever. This happened one time only, and to this day we have never as much as talked about that night. We just smile whenever we see each other.

— Lawrence, 40

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