The Most Erotic Thing

I've always been okay with guys coming on to my wife, but I would get extremely jealous if she responded back. We were in a bar in Tennessee, and one of the band members was coming on to my wife, and she was encouraging it. My brother-in-law, seeing my agitation, took me outside for a while. When I got back inside, the band was on break, and my wife was nowhere to be seen. I figured I'd find them in the parking lot all hugged up and kissing. Well, they weren't kissing. He had my wife backed up to the front bumper of a 4X4 pickup truck, and they were having sex wildly. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. When my wife had her orgasm, I couldn't stop myself and completed in my shorts. I want more. She says it was a onetime thing. I know what I saw. We'll see.

— Miguel, 42

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