My Older Lover

When I was nineteen, I was madly in love with my girlfriend, Alana. However, I never associated sex with love, and I have always been much more of a platonic lover. However, I'm not saying we didn't have our sexual ventures. One time, at my grandparent's house, there was a housemaid called Maria. She was about forty-five years of age and was cleaning my room. I walked in from the shower naked, not expecting to see her there. She started laughing and complimented my large size and how I instantly got turned on at the sight of her. We engaged in passionate oral and vaginal sex. It was the best I ever had. I've really liked older women since then on. I still love my girlfriend, but whenever I visit my grandparents' house, I have my little ventures with the most amazing lover.

— Curt, 20

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