Disaster In The Making

I have worked with this person for about seven years. I have never even thought of her in any way other than as a coworker. Within the last several months, things have changed. I am married, and things with my wife are starting to get rocky. She is married, and her husband has a problem with addiction. So, as we have talked about our individual problems, I have come to realize that she is a very cool person, extremely beautiful, and that I care for her a great deal. I am not sure that she has any feelings for me, but there are some moments when I think I should tell her. I have told two of my other coworkers about my feelings. I don't think they get it, or they just know this is a disaster in the making. I enjoy being around her, even when she is being stubborn. I look forward to going to work just to smell her perfume and interact with her. So, basically, I am screwed, no matter what I do. I feel like I need to just say it and let the chips fall. But I can't get the nerve to do it, and I don't want to destroy her life or mine.

— Lance, 27

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