My Girl's Freaky!

I'm a guy whose girlfriend always invites me over to her house. One day, her parents weren't there, so she told me to come over and to be "ready". Little did I know what she had in mind. When I arrived to her basement room, she said, "I need you to help me fulfill my fantasy." I said okay. She then told me it was for me to wear her naughty school girl clothes and have sex. She put the white, tie-in-front shirt on me and put padding in it. Then, she made me wear her string bikini. Then she helped me put on the mini-skirt, and she told me I needed to wear her thigh-high fishnet stockings. She gave me her mom's old wig and then put hot pink lip stick and mascara on me. She gave me the whole works of make up. Now I assume, you know, that she'd grab my ass, act like I was a girl, and then we'd have sex. But, no! She said she was going to wear my clothes and put on a strap-on. Then I would be exactly like a girl, and she would spank me and do all the things I did to her. Well, it was going well. We did some role play, imagining me sitting on her bed like it was a bar stool. Then she walked up, started flirting like a guy, and said, "I want to knock the stuffing out of you. You've got a nice butt," and things like that. We were making out when she threw me on the bed, rolled me onto my back, lifted my skirt, slid the panties down, and started. She didn't even bother to go slow like I had done to her before, trying to cause less pain. When she finally was done, my butt was sore so bad. She said, "Now you know how it feels." About ten minutes after, she said I could do my work on her still wearing the naughty school girl outfit (that made me so horny with the pink string bikini). So, I pleasured her orally and then anally. I decided not to go easy on this round so she could know how it feels. Needless to say, I actually enjoyed it. Now, every Friday when her parents leave on a business trip or have to work late, we meet up and do it the same way except without the strap-on. Although I wish she would one more time, it was quite the experience. Now, I enjoy taking it from guys. Every man should try this.

— Evan, 19

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