Enhancers And Lustful Ideas

One week before our planned winter trip to Jamaica, we began to take this libido enhancer. It kind of worked the very first day, but it seemed to work better every following day. Being both over forty, we were just having a blast. When we arrived in Montego Bay, every woman looked appealing. Even guys looked attractive. We spent the rest of the day by the beach and had lots of pina coladas and sex. The next morning, when looking down at the beach from our sixth floor balcony, all sorts of lustful ideas crossed my mind. After taking our enhancer as every morning, we decided to order breakfast. When my wife realized it was a girl with our room service, she did not pay too much attention to cover herself. She opened the door in her showing-through sleep shirt. Taking off her clothes, my wife remarked she got aroused by the Jamaican lady's lascivious glance. Walking out on the balcony, she bent over the handrail and made me have sex with her from behind. It was a great experience for both of us looking at the ocean. We had our breakfast and opened a bottle of champagne. We were in the mood for a massage, so we called a masseur up. He knocked on the door just when we were finishing our last glass of champagne. My wife looked so tempting on that table facing the ocean in the hands of this ripped Jamaican guy. I was so aroused that I decided to masturbate in the bed as she enjoyed the rubs of his hands over her body. A towel covered her naked butt, but his hands were not shy to stroke underneath. I knew she was getting excited because her hips began to move with this back and forth, up and down motion. I was just about to finish when he removed the towel and started stroking her bare buttocks. I got in the bathroom and opened the shower to make them believe I was not watching. He moved to her side and slid his hand between her thighs. He had her, and she wanted it. He used his hand for a little while and then pulled out his package to let her see it. She turned around and touched it with both hands before stepping off the table and giving him oral. He didn't let her do it for long. He had sex with her from behind, the same way we had made it in the morning. When I pretended having finished taking my shower, they had returned to the table.

— Allen, 42

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