Women Want It, Too!

It was my birthday weekend, and all of my friends that I was out with were women. There were five of them. The oldest one was going to get sick on the way home from the bar, so I said to stop at my house. We did, and the guy that lives next to me was out on his porch with his ex and her friend. It was 3:00 a.m., by the way. Three of the girls went to get fast food and never returned. The old one passed out on my couch. The next thing you know, we are in his hot tub. The friend of the ex was intoxicated as we all were. Then, we were all naked. The friend began to touch me. She put her back to me and slid my package inside of her. I began pumping lightly. I'm sure everyone noticed, but we didn't care. I had never met this woman or seen her before. Next, we were on his porch having sex. He came out to get something out his truck and never saw us, so we continued. Then, we went to my bed, and you know what happened from there. We woke in the morning, and I forgot she was there until the ex woke us. She came by later to give me her number. That was the best encounter ever. So, for you people that think this doesn't happen, wait until you are divorced. Women are the same as men. I can't wait until my next birthday!

— Ernie, 27

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