Midget In The Shower

When I was in college, I was going out with this cute British girl named Alexandra. One day, I went over to her house but no one was in the front room when I arrived. So, I went to look in her bedroom. She wasn't there, either. So, I entered the bathroom only to find that she was taking a shower. Because you couldn't see through the curtain, she didn't know I had come in. I took my clothes off and got in with her, only to discover it was actually her mom, Marilyn! Surprisingly, she succumbed to me, and then I gave her some stuff of my own. I didn't even realize that we had been having sex for at least five minutes when their family butler, Franz, came in. Apparently he had become alarmed at Marilyn's pleasure screams. He opened the curtain to see what was happening, expecting something terrible. Soon enough, however, the butler (who also happened to be a person of reduced stature or a midget) was in the shower with us joining in on the ride. After what must have been an hour of great mother/midget threesome action, Alexandra (my girlfriend) who had been out in the yard came in to use the bathroom. At first she screamed at the sight of us, but soon she was screaming for another reason. I had never seen my girlfriend so excited, and I had never had such an experience with her mother. But in the end, Franz was the best in the shower. He was the midget who made love with power.

— Glen, 28

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