His Wink Gave Him Away

One day, while at work on the sales floor of a retail store, a cute guy approached me and asked me where the restroom was. I gave him directions to the two different locations, and he made small talk for a moment. When he started to walk away, he winked at me. I was going through a divorce and had not had sex in six months. I was always curious about having sex with another guy since high school. Something inside me said follow him, and I did. As I walked past the aisles, I could see him passing each one on the opposite end, giving me this very handsome smile. My heart was pounding as we proceeded to the back of the store. He cut across and entered the restroom first. I hesitated at the door for a brief contemplation of the consequences. I entered, and he was standing at the urinal with his trousers open. He turned to me, and I entered the stall and invited him in. I saw he was wearing a wedding ring, and he was hesitant for a moment and walked in. He kissed me strong and deeply, and I almost had an orgasm on the spot. We kissed for a moment as I sat down and lowered his already opened trousers and gave him oral sex. It was so hot, and my head was spinning. When it was over, he asked me how I knew, and I said it was his wink. I hoped he would come in again, but I never saw the handsome stranger again.

— Danny, 36

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