Short Skirts And Sports Cars

My thirty-four year-old girlfriend of two years and I finally decided to try a swing club. When we got there, we were shown around this huge house with a pool and a Jacuzzi. It was all couples. There were about thirty couples in total, and most were very good looking. The only rule was that you had to be under fifty years old to get in. After a few drinks, we found ourselves nude and in the Jacuzzi with another couple. The other man left for a few moments to get more alcohol. After he left, my girlfriend starting giving me oral pleasure as I sat on the edge of the spa. Before her husband returned, the other woman came over and asked permission from my girlfriend to help out. When the husband returned, the four of us really made the water churn! That night I found out that my girlfriend was actually bi. We have been together ten years now, and we are really happy.

— Jack, 44

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