A Moaning Good Time

My wife and I like looking at porno on the net. When she sees big packages, she says she would like to try one sometime. I had met a young man at the gym. He had good-sized member. So, I asked him to come over for some drinks. When we walked into the house, I could see my wife starting to get horny. So, I got us some beers, and she went into the bedroom to change into something sexy. When she came back out, he just looked at my wife. I asked him if he would like to have some of it. You could see him getting excited. She went over and started giving him oral. Next thing, he had her down and was going to do her. When he started, I never heard her moan so loud. He did her three times that night, and I did her two times. So, now he stops by once a week, and we enjoy it.

— Lucas, 50

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