Dressing Up

First, I have a huge foot fetish for girls' feet. I even paint my own toes. Right now they are red. I also wear toe rings and ankle bracelets. I do go out in public like this, too, especially in the summer with a nice pair of short shorts and flip flops on. My legs, of course, are shaved. Actually, I am shaved all the way up. I also shave my nipples and under arms, and my boobs look really feminine shaved. I like to wear fishnets and my open-toed high heels with a nice teddy. I must say, in my fishnets, open-toed heels, and a sexy nightie, I look as hot as any girl I have ever been with. I have very feminine legs also. I would like to dress up like this with another guy and let him watch me get myself off all dressed up.

— Dan, 46

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