Her First Man

I had been living with my girlfriend for going on seven years. She was thirty-four and I was thirty-seven. My girlfriend started her love life early and had a daughter at sixteen. I never saw her daughter as a sex object. To me she was a nerdy, overweight teenager. Shortly after the daughter turned eighteen and was a senior in high school, she and her mom had a long talk while I was at work. It seemed the daughter was still a virgin and being overweight, she was not popular and didn't date a lot. The daughter was scared about going off the college and not knowing anything real about sex. My girlfriend did some explaining about what actually happens and so on. Unknown to me, my girlfriend told her daughter how good she thought I was at meeting her needs. Well, one thing led to another, and again unknown to me, my girlfriend offered me to her daughter for a night. When I did get home from work, my girlfriend approached me with what had gone on and asked me if I would teach her daughter gently and be her first man. Before I agreed to anything, I had her call the daughter in and the three of us had an hour long talk. Well, the daughter and I spent the night in the master bedroom while my girlfriend slept on the twin bed in her daughter's room. I can confess that her daughter sure looked like a sex object to me by the time she was laying next to me and wearing one of my girlfriend's nighties. I had sex with her a total of three times that night. Through the summer and up to the time she left for college, my girlfriend and her daughter would each have their turn with me off and on. I never could get them to both come in together. I guess the daughter must have found a man at college to service her needs, because she never asked me again. It's been a couple years now.

— Geoffrey, 39

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