I Want To Be A Woman

My name is Sean and ever since I was very young, I have wanted to be a girl. I started playing dress up with my sister and playing house with all the neighborhood kids. When I was dressed as a girl, people thought I was. When I was in the sixth grade, I wore my sister's clothes to school. I had on panties, a starter bra, shoes, skirt, and a blouse. She even put a little makeup on me and styled my hair. At first, a lot of my teachers and classmates thought I was a new kid. I felt good. Then, one of my classmates told everyone that it was me in girl's clothes. I was sent to the office and my parents were called. Thank god my mother came and not my father. She took me home and we had a long talk. I told her how I felt and she said she understood. After that, she allowed me to be a girl at home, but only when my father wasn't home. Well, one day my father saw me dressed up and blew his top. He made me parade around the neighborhood calling me his little sissy. Little did he know, I enjoyed it. Since that day, I have been dressing up everyday. First to school, and then to work; as then a girl and now as a woman. I'm not gay, but have started to take herbal feminization creams and pills. I started to form small breasts, smoother skin, and the like. I guess all I want to say is that I love being the pretty boy now.

— Sean, 24

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