New Found Sexuality

My wife, Laura, just turned thirty-five and while there's nothing special about that day, it seems to have been a turning point in her sexuality. Up until now, she always dressed rather conservatively, never showing off her body in any way. She wasn't a prude; she just didn't wear clothes that accentuated her femininity. Lately, she has been dressing in more revealing outfits, even going braless in public. Before, she wouldn't be caught dead in public without a bra, and rarely went braless around the house. Now she never wears a bra, even in public, I'm not even sure she still owns a bra. She wears low cut and wide scoop-neck tops, sheer semi see-through blouses, tight fitting tank tops, and anything that shows off her breasts. She even has a new spring in her step that makes her breasts bounce when she walks. I've always fantasized about her showing off for other guys, and when we're out together and she flaunts her breasts, it gets me so hot watching her display herself to those other guys. The other day, my friend Neil was over and we were watching a ball game on TV. She came downstairs and asked if we needed any snacks for the game. She was wearing one of my white dress shirts only buttoned at her navel. It showed quite a bit of her breasts and I noticed Neil followed her every move as she walked past us into the kitchen. When she came back, she had a tray of snacks, some beers, and a couple of glasses. When she put the tray down, she bent way over so the shirt fell open and gave Neil a clear view of her breasts. I looked over and he had a "deer in the headlights" look. I'm sure he didn't want to stop staring at her, but he probably didn't want me to catch him looking down her wide-open shirt either. She took her time putting the snacks on the coffee table and when she poured Neil's beer, she spilled a little and leaned forward even more to wipe it up, exposing even more of her breasts. I thought Neil was going to go into shock. After serving our snacks and show, she went back into the kitchen. A little bit later, she came back out with a couple more beers. This time, she had the shirt unbuttoned all the way and wide open with both of her breasts fully exposed. She handed us the beers and went back upstairs. After Neil got over the shock, he said he really needed to get home and abruptly left. I went upstairs to find Laura fully nude on our bed, and I quickly joined her. She asked me if I was upset that she showed Neil her breasts and I said not really, in fact it turned me on. She said it made her very excited also and she was glad that I liked it, too. We then proceeded to have some of the hottest sex we'd had in quite a while. Afterward, she asked me if I'd like to see her show off to other guys. I said, "Sure, it made me really hot to watch Neil looking at you and I'd really like to see you show your breasts to strangers." "Great," she said, "let's take a shower and go out tonight. I feel like getting wild and kinky." I could hardly wait to get showered, dressed and on the way to a club. I had a feeling that my previous fantasies just might get to the next level tonight.

— Gabe, 45

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