Completely Hooked Up

Back on the Labor Day weekend, I was invited to a lakeside cottage by a couple I know. The idea was to hook me up with their friend, Marie, and while I did that, I took more of an interest in another woman, Carol. She and her husband own the cottage, and they hosted me, Marie, and the couple I'm friends with. Right from the start, I noticed Carol checking me out. Even though she's ten years older than I am and has a kid, she's smoking hot with a tight body. I hit it off with Marie right away and ended up sleeping with her the first night. Still, I was intrigued by Carol and subtly flirted with her when we had the chance. Her husband was short and flabby, so I purposely kept my shirt off when I was outside to give her a look at my tall, lean frame. On the last morning we were there, everybody was outside on the dock when Carol and I found ourselves alone inside the house. She was wearing a sweet turquoise bikini, and all of a sudden we just started making out in the kitchen. The way the cottage is designed, you can look through the kitchen and living room, out a big bay window, and out onto the dock. I swung Carol around and positioned her against a column where I could watch out the window to see if anyone was coming. One thing led to another, and the next thing I knew we were having awesome sex. Just then, her husband started towards the house. We had to stop right away, and Carol hurried into the bathroom while I hid my excited member and pretended to do some dishes. We didn't get the chance to finish, but before we all left I slipped Carol my number. Because I live in the city and she lives in the suburbs, we didn't have the chance to get together until yesterday. Last night, Carol came over to my place and we had sex five times. It was primal. She loves sex, and I think I'll be seeing more of her. To top it off, I'm still sleeping with Marie.

— Kurt, 30

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