Hot Video

After months of asking, my wife finally let me make a home video of our love making. For this video, she wore a really sexy black bra, thong, thigh highs, and really high pumps. She looked awesome in the video. I used two cameras, then mixed and edited the film so it looked really hot. We would then watch it together to spark off other love making sessions. She was always worried that someone else would see our private video, but I assured her that would never happen. That is, until the first time that she went out of town and I had the guys over for poker. I showed them the video and they went nuts. None of their wives dress up like that for them; and none of their wives can give oral like my wife did on the video. They were all excited as hell and now they all want to do my wife. They flirt with her and look at her so differently now, and she has no idea why. I will never tell her that I showed the video to them.

— Mitch, 33

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