Thirteen Lucky Men

One night, my wife and I were having sex and she started talking about her college days. She finally confessed about what she had done. When I asked her if she would again, she said no. The thought of her with two other men was driving me nuts, though. One day on vacation, we both got really drunk. She had much more than me. The thought was still in my mind as we were going back to our hotel. We stopped in the hotel club and I asked her to play a game. She was to sit on the other side of the bar and pretend not to know me. I was supposed to walk over and pick her up. While I was getting a drink, there was a bachelor party in there, and some of them began to talk to her. The next thing I knew, she was gone. My phone rang about ten minutes later. She told me she was in a hotel room with them and would be back in the morning. She had thirteen men that night and I am still finding out details.

— Connor, 34

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