Looking For A Treasure

A couple of years ago, I was asked by a fellow who I knew somewhat to join him in making love to his wife. This did not come completely out of the blue, but after some of our conversations over drinks, we had covered this type of thing tangentially. Of course, being divorced and free to try such an adventure, I jumped at the chance and we had several incredibly erotic and exciting evenings making love to his lovely wife who clearly enjoyed being the naughty wife. I have since moved away, but every now and then travel plans permit a revisit of these stimulating get-togethers. It occurred to me early on that this sex play was most exciting to him because it was his wife being the naughty girl. There was something especially hot to him about his wife making love with another man with such gusto and abandon. I am now finding that as I date, I reflect on this and would dearly love to find a new mate with such an adventurous spirit and strong libido. I mean, I want to find a new mate because I love women and want the wonderful benefits of a close supportive and intimate relationship with one. I am not interested in experimenting with other women going forward. But, I would love that partner to be a naughty wife like my lucky friend's wife. The big question is how to find such a woman and determine that she is the treasure I am seeking.

— Dave, 32

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